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There’s been a bit of buzz this past week about muliti-hyphenate screenwriter/director/film producer/actor/musician Mark Duplass and his keynote address at South by Southwest (SXSW), which is a large film, interactive, and music festival held in Austin, Texas.  He talked about avoiding a theatrical release early in your career and just shooting cheaply, even with camera phones.  Haven’t come across his entire speech yet but it reminded me a bit of Patton Oswalt’s speech at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in 2012 where he talks about the Hollywood gatekeepers disappearing and shooting with your cell phone.  Both are very inspiring.

Indiewire Article–SXSW:  Mark Duplass’ 8 Improvised Tips for Success in the Film Industry article — Look for Mark’s quote about Netflix and their fart bubble–hilarious!

Patton Oswalt Keynote Speech on Youtube.

Dead Dads Club

Here’s a comedy video I just finished shooting and editing a few days ago.  It’s about a support group for people with dead dads.  Shot it with a Canon 7D and edited with FCP7.  For sound, Sennheiser G3 lavs and a Zoom H6 were used.  Check it out here on youtube:

Dead Dads Club

Dead Dad's Club

Written by Cassie Ramoska
Directed and Produced by Ricky Sans
Filmed and Edited by Ed Spangler
Featuring Chris Corbin, Amanda McCann, Cassie Ramoska, and Ricky Sans
Special thanks to Mike Benner and Dan Telfer


Hi.  I’m Ed Spangler and this is where some bloggin’ is gonna go down.  Not quite sure what all that will entail yet, but it will probably be comedy-related mostly.  Posts here will probably promote stuff my friends and/or I have made, maybe behind-the-scenes stuff too along with techie info about how stuff was shot / edited / pulled-out-of-our-@$$es.

Hadn’t really seriously occurred to me before to start a blog and I guess I’m mainly doing it because of a pretty awesome UCLA Extension class called “Building an Online Audience” taught by Robert Scheid.  Kissing teacher butt IS NOT covered in the class but throwing in lots of links to stuff to help promote your blog IS covered.  Not sure exactly how the links thing works but it somehow involves little internet spider thingies crawling around in your website.  Gross, right?  I need to go wash my hands now.